Raised in the countryside I began to work on a family agrarian farm in the Torozos mountains. Here the link came up with the land and its labor. I have developed my career in the world of wine marketing for over 20 years.


“It is a pity that in Spain with a raising viticulture sector, there is no specific training offer for the wine marketing”
I was trained in high school as a communication specialized technician and on the streets as a technician in understanding, learning, communicating and persuading.


“I have done many things in these 20 years but in the meantime I have never stopped going outside to listen to customers”
When the phenomenon of Spanish appellations began awakening, Rioja dozed in its supremacy, Ribera tried to change its milk teeth and Toro, Rueda, Priorato, among others, dreamed of becoming, I began to give substance to my career as an external consultant specialized in management and marketing of wines and wineries.


“In my work vineyards, owners and winemakers have the same importance”.
Under this criterion the wine projects that I represent are woven. Everything must have a script that justifies the work to be performed. Many hours. We must look for excellence. The excellence of wine, image, price and also customer`s excellence. Not all customers know how to sell all wines.
I have transformed my profession in a sort of daily learning that leads me to try to understand the way forward. I observe the different characters who coexist and produce wine in each geographical area, their winemaking culture and their wines as a manifestation of it all.