“Outsourcing provides experience, different points of view and freshness in decisition-making. Depending occupationally on the company does not equal greater commitment”.
All wineries have a need to sell but very few of them are prepared to do so in a sustainable and profitable way. From the vineyard to the bottle on the customer`s table there is a process of value creation that must be accomplished. Fissures at any point in this process are obstacles to achieve commercial goals. This requires developing the following tasks.
Audit vineyards possibilities.
Confirm the quality and experience of those who make wine.
Study how these factors contribute to the value chain of produced wine.
Redesign and fit into a sustainable production plan in the medium- long term.
And sell …
Go to the market in a professional way to achieve the required and planned results as soon as possible. All of that from the external advice in management and marketing.