Acompañando a un buen vino
Hand in hand with a good wine


Oenomarketing is a source of knowledge that has meaning only in the future.

Oenomarketing is the body of knowledge related to wine, which guarantees the generation of value, thus optimising its launch onto the market.

This body of knowledge comprises not just a knowledge of marketing, but also a knowledge of the humanistic, oenological, and business elements.

The value of wine is not something given, fixed or stable over time, but rather is something which is constantly created. Moreover, it achieves this through a complex process in which social, cultural and psychological elements run alongside biochemical, oenological or organoleptic elements in equal measure.

Thus, the mission of oenomarketing is to:

1) Create value through knowledge.

2) Contribute ideas and resources to oenoexperiences, oenotourism and oenogastronomy.

3) Ensure these activities in turn contribute to strengthening the brand.

In view of the cognitive resources it manages, together with the resulting definition and added value, Oenomarketing will be decisive in the upward revision of the prices of wine products, thereby confirming its economic significance and importance.

The extraordinary demands of oenomarketing in terms of knowledge cannot be separated from other types of professional demands: emotional intelligence, leadership skills, social and communication skills and a charismatic profile.

This is the reason that oenomarketing requires a new wine professional, one who is in touch with current trends, is aware of the changes in consumption habits in today’s societies, is capable of taking risks, possesses a creative spirit and an innovative vocation, is willing to convey their expertise towards building big brands and is able to contribute their talent and their effort to reshaping the wine market every day.

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